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Product Description

  • DINITROL RC900 penetrates rust 7-10 times deeper than standard rust converters.
  • Product is free of lead, zinc and chromium.
  • Product is overpaintable.
  • As the product dries it forms an impermeable barrier to oxygen and moisture
  • DINITROL RC900 forms a dry and strong adhesive film which is suitable as a base for paintwork and other corrosion protection products.

DINITROL RC900 is a & primer which actively converts the rust on substrates to a stable organic iron complex.

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13 May 2016
I used this in my Land Rover chassis. The long flexi-pipe makes it easy to apply to the chassis inside. When applied to the external factes of the chassis you can see it converting rust within minutes. Recommended
Alan John Dunstan
20 September 2017
I use this each winter on my 21 year old MG to keep the rust at bay in all the box sections and so far it is working well as I have NO rust on the body anywhere.
10 November 2014
Have used many so called rust cures in the past which proved to be useless ! This one is different and actually works. After two careful applications the rusty areas have gone black and the rust has not returned even though I have not yet primed or repainted the surface. Highly recommended.
nigel cresswell
22 April 2014
bought this as i tried waxoyl in my previous car a classic mini it just made a sticky mess and the spraying mechanism was very poor , so went for this in aerosol form in my present car it's very easy to use just don't breath the fumes .
was it effective no idea tbh as the areas i applied it to were all internal the next batch will be on external areas so will have a better idea .
24 July 2017
Best rust treatment that I've used. Finished on my van so now working my way round the house looking for rust - even used it on buckles on a pair of sandals that were ruined after a trip to the beach!!!
24 November 2014
Seems to do what I need it to do, went for this product over others due to reading reviews and advice through forums.
Expensive product but could keep costs down in future without the need to replace rusted panels.
2 August 2017
As ordered and appropriate for intended use.
Would recommend
Great product
Will W.
25 April 2017
Best product of this type, highly recomended...